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Maca on the Franco-German cultural channel Arte.

Immune system – Memory

ARTE has produced a documentary on the healing effects of Maca.
This article describes the string maca as a powerful benefactor who has really done a lot of good for the indigenous population throughout its long history.
Organic Maca Peruvian

Immune system

Maca regulates the endocrine glands, but these properties are mainly active in the immune system, since it acts Organic Maca Peruvianon blood deficiencies, cholesterol, and the rebalancing of our organization.

The maca root has high levels of essential fatty acids and nutritional value that develops the essential amino acids to smooth your body. It strengthens the resistance to cold.

In general, maca increases energy and vigor of body, corrects some anemia and strengthens the immune system.


Maca is the key, thanks to its high content of iron and magnesium, cons memory problems. In the case of learning difficulties among young or among students, as well as disorders caused by stress and fatigue, and lack of concentration, see sleep disorders, or the reduction in intellectual performance persons of advanced age.

It has been shown that maca had an effect on the stimulation of the pituitary and hypothalamus, modulating the secretion of LH (a hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary), FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), HCG (hormone secreted during pregnancy) and prolactin (hormone protein in nature). Maca has a most important role in the functioning of the endocrine glands such as the ovaries, testes, adrenal glands, pancreas and thyroid gland.

The calcium compound essential and indispensable to the proper functioning of our skeleton and teeth, our heart and your kidneys, can be found in maca in quantities much greater than in milk, very useful when decalcification in children and adults.

Maca has a very high level of essential fatty acids, recent tests have shown, and therefore, they are an essential nutrient for our body.

Maca is probably the plant that causes most of studies and scientific publications, so the most interest.

Maca is the plant most suitable and most efficient to treat, reduce or cure, any organic or psychological dysfunction that we experience, useful for erectile dysfunction, to boost the immune system, physical performance, physical and mental well-being, mental concentration, stress, anxiety, depression, irritability, libido, sexual dysfunction, sexual vitality, fertility, menstrual disorders, menopause, headaches, immune stimulant, anti general tonic, etc…

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