Maca energy tone 4.67/5 (3)

Maca energy, tone body force, physical performance and accelerate recovery after exercise.

Maca enhances our natural energy, of course, our tone and our body force, and it increases physical performance and increases the speed of recovery after exercise.

Because of these properties adaptogen, maca improves the adaptability of the body. It therefore acts on the specific needs of our organization based on our age and our gender.
Maca somehow replenishes our body energy naturally.

Maca has no side effects because it is a natural product widely consumed in Peru to an advanced age. It has even been shown that students review period, workers and athletes who perform repetitive physical effort and especially appreciate the necessary energy they need.

In 2003, the laboratory could have Schuler confirm the work of Dr. Gloria Chacon University Cayetano Heredia in Lima, for the scientific team football veterans (The modest Football Club Cienciano of Peru) and that for 7 matches made by these veterans, faced with prestigious clubs in Argentina and Brazil, they won the South American Cup in 2003 (equivalent to EUFA for Europe) with maca. Indeed it was found an increase of over 10% of the players’ physical performance, and in some cases see 30%.

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