Maca menopause & PMS 4.67/5 (3)

Maca invaluable ally against the consequences of menopause

Maca is a valuable ally against the negative effects of menopause, it alleviates premenstrual syndrome, and all pre-menopausal disorders and menopause (ate heat, decreased vaginal dryness, rebalance the emotional state anxiety, depression).

It fights effectively against osteoporosis, it regulates the hormonal cycle.

A clinical study have been conducted among postmenopausal women, it has been well demonstrated that maca reduced, see the murdering some psychological problems linked to menopause, like depression, anxiety and sexual dysfunction.

Maca is the natural solution to different hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It stimulates the glands of the body to produce the hormones that the body needs. That’s why maca, complements the more suitable and more natural compared to artificial products or medication chemical see that they are introducing hormones into your body, and thus encourage the glands to stop producing hormones.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens (psychiatrist, nutritionist) U.S. deemed to be reported in various revised, he advocated for these patients to use maca rather than take other hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Under the physician efficiency during periods of perimenopause and menopause is disappearing hot flashes and depression and would be beneficial to increase the energy of the patient.

For premenopausal women, maca combat the symptoms that are generally related to this transitional period. Thus maca regulates irregular menstrual cycles, it fought effectively mood swings and vaginal dryness and leverages sexual desire (to know who tends to decline during these periods).

The proven results of maca are amazing. Many women already feel relief after a regular intake of maca 7 days. Then the symptoms related to menopause are just diminishing. The doctors advise taking maca during this stage are more numerous.

Then came the post-menopause, maca taking lower dose, slows the aging process, and allows you to keep your skin younger and has a preventive effect on the atrophy that occurs then for the body female. Maca strengthens bones if weakened from this period because it contains a wealth of minerals such as calcium and iron.

Maca beneficially influence the sexual instinct of women, especially among women are in their perimenopause, menopause or post-menopause.

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