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The origins of maca cultivation date back to ancient times, archaeologists were able to demonstrate that this plant existed 1600 years ago (long before the Incas as a result), the oldest plants were between 7000 and 5000 years.

Remains of maca were identified in a prehistoric cave in Peru. It was during the Spanish conquest, the culture was demonstrated by several reporters.

The Inca emperor gave Maca his soldiers before the expeditions and battles, as well as messengers and couriers who traveled to relay to relay its vast territory known as an “Empire of the four corners, and that for multiply their strength and courage.

It was cultivated in early for its nutritional value, maca was used in the same manner as sweet potatoes. For the conservation of maca is dried and then made her the reduced powder, which allowed to keep for years. This powder was subsequently used as oatmeal or pancakes or even in sweet creams. It could even be used when trading with other villages in exchange for food that did not grow vis-à-vis the mood he was in high altitudes (such as barter cons of corn for example). The Peruvian highlands still eat on average 500 g per day.

The Peruvians used dried maca for these medicinal properties, so it could treat or alleviate the various problems that afflicted their populations, such as the evils of sexuality and reproduction, weakened immune system, anemia, tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, symptoms of menopause, constipation, joint pain, depression, etc…

As soon as the Spaniards settled in Peru, the locals explained to them the different properties of maca, and they advised them to give the tuber (root) of maca to livestock that had trouble reproducing. From that moment the culture of maca took a boom and thus spread from the equator to northern Argentina.

Maca is experiencing a tremendous growth in North America and Europe. There are about 1200 hectares of land planted with maca comparison of lean identified 50 hectares in 1994.

Today, commercialization of maca is experiencing extraordinary growth, it is exported worldwide.

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