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Maca Sexual Energy

Natural alternative to Viagra

Maca has medicinal properties that affect fertility and the stimulation of libido (pleasure and enjoyment) than for either the man or woman is recognized as an aphrodisiac and is called “Peruvian Viagra ‘or “Peruvian ginseng, although the latter term there have no comparison on the two plants (maca and ginseng).

In man, maca is effective action against disorder impotence (erectile dysfunction by activating), and the fight against infertility, improving sperm quality. Since the 60 studies were conducted and clinical results show that taking maca could increase fertility and improve sexual performance and increase production and sperm motility. Moreover maca tenfold sexual desire.

In women, maca dice a more positive influence on fertility and frigidity with ovarian prostaglandin and esters present in the tuber (root) of maca. It thus increases the desire and especially sexual desire. This increases the frequency of sexual activity. Maca, is given the role to satisfy our body by supplementing the lack of food substances (hormones) in the human body. Thus, maca and substantially increase the endurance and vitality. The positive effects of maca on fertility. (Dr. Gonzalez 2001, 2003, Dini et al).

It was conducted by American medical scientists, clinical trial that shows that taking maca every day for four weeks, had increased libido in patients taking antidepressants.

Whether men or women, maca as a food supplement (nutritional supplement) is the most natural, while revitalizing and stimulating our body.

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